When do I pay?

  • Fix My Life handles all transactions via the platform and requires a 60% deposit once a quote has been submitted and accepted in order to schedule a commencement date and continue with the work. Once your job has been completed and you have indicated that the job has been completed to your satisfaction, Fix My Life will then send a Payment Request for the remaining 40% balance. Fix My Life will only ever request the balance payment from you once you have confirmed your are entirely satisfied with the work that has been carried out.

Do I pay Fix My Life or the home Service Provider?

  • Fix My Life handles all transactions via the platform and under no circumstances whatsoever will you be required to pay money directly to your service provider. All transactions will occur through the Fix My Life platform with full transparency to you the customer. At present, all transactions are conducted via EFT but we will adding credit card functionality to the site in the near future. In the event that a service provider does request that you the client, pay money directly to them, the service provider will in fact be in breach of their contract with Fix My Life. If this does happen, we kindly request that you immediately report this to Fix My Life management which can be done via email on info@fixmylife.co.za or via the call centre on 087-135-1300

What payment methods do you accept?

  • Fix My Life at present only accepts EFT Payments but will be adding credit card functionality to the site in the near future
  • We now accept Instant EFT as well – (Read More)

How does Fix My Life make money?

  • Fix My Life charges its Service Providers a reasonable percentage fee for every completed project. Fix My Life does not charge Service Providers any monthly fees or subscription fees and as a result has no incentive to promote one Service Provider over another. Fix My Life also does not charge clients anything for making use of our services and all jobs booked via Fix My Life should cost exactly the same as they would if you were to go directly to the Service Provider

How secure is my money?

  • To ensure that all of our customers have the best experience possible, all service providers are thoroughly vetted. Each service provider listed on our platform must pass extensive background checks and an in-person screening. Furthermore, each professional is required to have paid experience in their field and provide valid references including all required industry accreditations. A major frustration we’ve heard from homeowners is that every service provider wants to be paid in a different way. Some want cash under-the-table, others only take cheques, a few will take your credit card number but use outdated technology more prone to fraud. Fix My Life handles the entire billing process for service requests, from start to finish. Fix My Life handles all transactions and holds all money owing to a service provider until a job has been completed to the customer’s satisfaction. Fix My Life will release part of the deposit to the service provider in cases where the service provider is required, before work commences to purchase parts required for the successful completion of the job. Only in this scenario and with a valid invoice from the service provider, will Fix My Life release any money to the service provider before the job has been completed to the customer’s satisfaction. With regards to cancellations and refunds, please refer to our Terms and Conditions. Whilst Fix My Life is not liable for the money exchanged between customer and service provider on the Fix My Life Platform, we do significantly reduce the risk to both parties by facilitating and managing the entire process. Fix My Life only lists vetted, reliable service providers who have a track record of good service and trustworthy dealings with their clients which significantly reduces the risk to Fix My Life customers trading on the Fix My Life platform.