In which cities do you have vetted service providers?

  • The Fix My Life service is currently only available in the Gauteng region, with many more cities planned in the future. The plan for Fix My Life is to roll the service out nationally in due course. Please do get in touch with us via the contact us form to let us know where in South Africa you would like to see the Fix My Life service offered next.

How do you vet the service providers?

  • Certified Service Providers are qualified home services professionals who meet Fix My Life’s high standard of quality and service. To ensure that all of our customers have the best experience possible, all service providers are thoroughly vetted before being listed on the Fix My Life platform. We interview every Service Provider, verify their qualifications and insurance according to local laws and survey past customers for references. Furthermore, each professional is required to have paid experience in their field and provide valid references including all required industry accreditation’s.

What exactly are the vetting criteria Service Provider’s must meet to list their services on Fix My Life’s platform?

  • Certificate of Registration from CIPC
  • Certified Letter from the Bank
  • Industry Regulatory Body Certifications
  • Summary of Business Insurance Cover
  • Identification Documents
  • Client References

What do you mean by practical vetting of Service Providers?

  • Over and above the vetting documentation that all Service Providers must meet, Fix My Life practically vet each and every Service Provider on a daily basis. The Service Providers on our platform undertake numerous jobs for us and any Service Provider who does not deliver the high standards of service and workmanship we expect of our Service Providers is immediately removed from the platform.

How do you match Service Providers to my project?

  • Fix My Life aims to finds the best fit in Certified Service Providers for your project using a variety of ranking factors. These factors include how well their skill-set fits your project requirements, how soon they can start on your requested job as well as their recent ratings and feedback from jobs conducted on the Fix My Life platform. If you have utilised the services of a particular service provider for a certain job and would like to book the same service provider again, provided the service provider offers that service, you will have the option to select that service provider again when booking your new job.

What does it cost to be a Certified Service Provider?

  • Nobody can pay to become a Certified Service Provider on the Fix My Life platform. The service provider must have all the necessary industry accreditation’s, insurance and background checks in place in order to be eligible to become a listed service provider on the Fix My Life platform. Once certified and fully vetted by Fix My Life, our Service Providers pay a percentage fee based on each completed project. Please note that this fee does not increase the invoice price for customers. Customers utilising the Fix My Life platform will not incur any additional charges over and above the standard charges you would pay to any service provider for work done.

How can I get certified?

  • To apply to become a Certified Service Provider for Fix My Life, please send an email to and someone from Fix My Life will be in touch. Please ensure that you have all the necessary industry accreditation, client references as well as being fully compliant with all insurance requirements.