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Fix My Life is an online facility which enables individuals to get quotations and schedule appointments for home maintenance and renovation services they require. All of the Fix My Life service providers are vetted and accredited giving you, the homeowner, peace of mind that the people entering your homes are industry-accredited, safe and reliable. We manage the entire process from the scheduling, right down to job completion. You are able to book services for a wide range of various common home services. If we don’t have a service on our site, we will source the service provider you require.

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You may only use this site to browse the content, schedule legitimate appointments or assessment, get formal quotations; and shall not use this site for any other purposes, including without limitation, to make any speculative, false or fraudulent appointments. This site and the content provided in this site may not be copied, reproduced, republished, uploaded, posted, transmitted or distributed. Deep-linking, embedding or using analogous technology is strictly prohibited. Unauthorized use of this site and/or the materials contained on this site may violate applicable copyright, trademark or other intellectual property laws or other laws.

Quote Terms & Conditions


The Company provides to the Customer an online facility which enables the Customer to get cost estimate(s) and schedule appointments for a variety of home maintenance services. All Service Providers are pre-vetted ensuring that Service Providers are industry-accredited, safe and reliable. The Company facilitates the process with the Service Provider from the scheduling, right down to job completion. If the Company does not have access to a particular type of Service Provider required by a Customer, the Company will source the particular type of Service Provider required by the Customer.

1. Definitions
1.1. “Agreement” shall mean these standard terms and conditions;
1.2. “Call Out” shall mean the situation when the Company is instructed by the Customer to instruct a Service Provider to attend the premises of the Customer or any other location as instructed by the Customer, to carry out the Work(s);
1.3. “Call Out Fee” shall mean the initial fee payable by the Customer to the Company for in the event that the Customer instructs the Customer to instruct a Service Provider to carry out the Work(s) on a Call Out basis. This fee is payable over and above the actual amount payable for the Work(s) as determined by the Service Provider once the latter has inspected the subject of the Work(s);
1.4. “Company” shall mean Fix My Life (Pty) Ltd with registration number 2012/113501/07;
1.5. “Customer” shall mean any natural person or other entity with whom the Company engages as contemplated in clause 3 hereunder;
1.6. “CPA” shall mean the Consumer Protection Act No.68 of 2008;
1.7. “Deposit” shall mean the deposit which the Customer is required to pay to the Company as stipulated on any quotation issued to the Customer by the Company;
1.8. “Domicilium Address” shall mean the respective addresses which the Parties choose for delivery and/or service of all court processes, notices and/or other documentation;
1.9. “Goods” shall mean any and all goods and/or equipment utilised and/or installed in the carrying out of the Work(s);
1.10. “Parties” shall mean, collectively the Company and the Customer;
1.11. “Party” shall mean, individually, the Company or the Customer as required by the context of any particular clause of this agreement;
1.12. “Pre-authorisation” shall mean prior authorisation to be obtained by either the Company and/or the Service Provider from the Customer for any additional Work(s) required to be rendered, and not provided for in the approved Call Out Fee and/or Quotation;
1.13. “Services” shall mean the service rendered by the Company to the Customer as set out in the above Recordal, including but not limited to issuing quotations and invoices to the Customer for the Work(s);
1.14. “Service Provider” shall mean each respective person and/or entity, including its employees and/or sub-contractors, whom the Company contracts with to provide the Work(s) to Customers;
1.15. “Validity Period” shall mean the period of time, as stated on each quotation issued to the Customer by the Company, for which that quotation will be valid and binding between the Parties if properly accepted by the Customer as set out in clause 4 below;
1.16. “Work(s)” shall mean the specific service and/or services and/or work(s), including any goods utilised and/or installed, which the Customer instructs the Company to, on the Customer’s behalf, procure from a Service Provider

2. Interpretation
2.1. For purposes of this agreement, unless the context clearly requires otherwise:
2.1.1. the singular includes the plural; and
2.1.2. a reference to any one gender whether masculine, feminine or neutral, includes a reference to the other two genders; and
2.1.3. the headings in this Agreement are incorporated for convenience only and are not to be taken into account when interpreting this Agreement.

3. This Agreement is applicable to any and all:
3.1. transactions concluded by the Company and/or a Service Provider with any Customer of whatever nature; and/or
3.2. the Services rendered by the Company to any Customer; and/or
3.3. the Work(s) carried out by a Service Provider.

4. Acceptance of the Company’s Quotation
4.1. Any quotation issued to a Customer by the Company will only be considered accepted when:
4.1.1. the Customer has electronically accepted the quotation by selecting the “Accept” option when prompted to do so; and/or
4.1.2. the Customer has accepted the quotation in writing; and/or
4.1.3. the Company has received the deposit required as stipulated on the respective quotation.
4.2. The Validity Period of each quotation will clearly be stipulated on same in bold. Should the Customer fail to accept the quotation in the manner as set out in clause 4.1 above within the Validity Period, any prices stipulated on the quotation will be subject to change and a fresh quotation will need to be issued to the Customer by the Company should the Customer wish to proceed with the Work(s).

5. General
5.1. It is the primary responsibility of the Customer to give the Company clear and unequivocal instructions and specifications in writing before the Work(s) can commence. This is to avoid discrepancies in any material aspect of the Work(s). Any changes and/or alterations to the Work(s) as initially quoted based on the Customer’s instructions and specifications may result in an alteration to the initial amount quoted. All additional work which the Customer instructs to be carried out during the course of Work(s) will be subject to the additional charges as agreed upon between the Customer and the Company and/or Service Provider.
5.2. Where estimates are provided for repair times and costs, additional costs may arise after inspection and/or determination of the extent of the repairs by the Service Provider. Such additional costs will be communicated to the Customer by the Company and/or the Service Provider and Pre-authorisation will be required by the Company and/or the Service Provider from the Customer prior to commencing with Work(s) not initially included in the original quotation.
5.3. Any quotation issued to the Customer by the Company does not include prices for unforeseen damages and/or faults and should the Company and/or the Service Provider become aware of additional faults to be repaired or additional required equipment to be installed and/or additional work to be done due to the aforesaid unforeseen damages and/or faults, the Customer will be notified of same and Pre-authorisation will be required prior to commencing and/or continuing with Work(s) not initially included in the original quotation.
5.4. Any quotation issued to the Customer by the Company is based on known costs for materials etc., at the time of preparation. Any specific trade industry may at any time experience sudden price increases. In the event that such a price increase in materials etc. influences the Work(s) the Company will inform the Customer of same and obtain the required Pre-authorisation to commence and/or continue with the Work(s).
5.5. Any quotation issued to the Customer by the Company is based on the Work(s) being carried out during normal working hours. Should the Work(s) be carried out on weekends, public holidays or during other extraordinary hours the Customer may incur additional costs for the aforementioned.
5.6. Once the work has been installed to completion, such work (including all fixtures and finishes) shall remain the absolute property of the Company and/or Service Provider until the final amount as set out on the invoice issued to the Customer by the Company based on any and all quotations issued to the Customer by the Company pertaining to the Work has been received by the Company. The aforementioned shall be applicable even if the work has become part of the building through confusioand/or commixtio and/or accessio.
5.7. The Customer shall have an opportunity to examine the completed Work(s), and raise any immediate objections during the said examination.
5.8. Notwithstanding the opportunity to examine the completed Work(s) as set out in clause 5.7 above, the Customer shall be entitled to, within 10 (ten) business days from the completion of the Work(s) report to the Company any defects (structural or otherwise) on the work done by the Service Provider.
5.9. The report as stipulated in clause 5.8 above must be done in writing and delivered to the Company at 312 Kent Avenue, Randburg, by no later than the close of business on the 10th (tenth) business day from the completion of the Work(s).
5.10. The commencement date of the Work(s) will be agreed upon between the Customer and the Company upon acceptance of the quotation issued to the Customer by the Company pertaining to the Work.
5.11. The Work(s) shall not commence on the date as set out in clause 5.10 above should the Company not receive the Deposit, if applicable, from the Customer prior to the date as set out in clause 5.10 above.
5.12. By accepting any quotation issued to the Customer by the Company, the Customer agrees to the Service Provider carrying out the Work(s) on his/her property, and he/she shall make reasonable provisions to protect his/her fixtures and fittings not subject to the Work(s) and other possessions left on the property whilst the Work(s) are carried out.

6. The Customer shall provide the Service Provider with safe, suitable and uninterrupted access to the property subject to the Work(s) and where present, it will be assumed that the supply of water, electricity and toilet facilities will be made available for the use of all workmen on site. If not, an additional charge may be made to provide the aforementioned amenities Limitations of Liability.

Subject to the CPA, if applicable, neither the Company nor the Service Provider will be liable for any direct or indirect damages, including consequential damages which the Customer may incur if

6.1. the Customer, pursuant to clause 5.1 above –
6.1.1. gives instructions and specifications contra to the advice of the Company and/or Service Provider or if the Customer does not adhere to any advice given by the Company and/or Service Provider pertaining to the Work(s); and/or
6.1.2. the Customer fails to give any or specific instructions and specifications to the Company and is subsequently dissatisfied with the Work(s) and/or any part thereof; and
6.2. the Customer fails and/or refuses to provide the Company and/or the Service Provider with the required Pre-authorisation as set out in clauses 5.2, 5.3 and 5.4 above and subsequently the Service Provider not being permitted to continue with the additional Work(s); and
6.3. the Work(s) cannot commence on the date as agreed upon as contemplated in clause 5.10 above, for any reason whatsoever and the Company has as soon as reasonably possible informed the Customer of same; and
6.4. the Customer fails to properly perform in terms of clause 5.12 above; and
6.5. the Work(s) are delayed, suspended or terminated in any way and for any reason whatsoever not attributable to the negligence of the Company and/or Service Provider and the Customer will be liable for any additional costs incurred as a result of the said delay, suspension or termination of the Work(s); and
6.6. the Work(s) are delayed, suspended or terminated in any way and for any reason whatsoever solely attributable to the actions and/or omissions of any Service Provider; and
6.7. upon completion of the Work(s) the Service Provider, having furnished the Customer with any usage instructions and/or warnings pertaining to the Work(s), if necessary, and the Customer subsequently having failed to adhere to the said usage instructions and/or warnings suffers such damages; and
6.8. if the Work(s) are damaged due to misuse and/or abuse by the Customer; and
6.9. as a result of any negligence, gross or otherwise, recklessness and or criminal conduct of the Service Provider and/or any other circumstances beyond the control of the Company.

7. Warranties and/or Guarantees
7.1. The Work(s) are subject to the warranties and/or guarantees provided to the Customer by each respective Service Provider.
7.2. The terms of the warranties and/or guaranties as contemplated in clause 7.1 above are available directly from the Service Providers and/or on request from the Company.
7.3. Should a Customer make any claim in terms of any warranty and/or guarantee from the Company and/or a Service Provider such a claim must be accompanied by a the original or a copy of the original invoice for the Work(s) to which that warranty and/or guarantee applies.
7.4. No warranty and/or guarantee, whether provided by a Service Provider or whether ex lege (by operation of law) shall be enforceable against the Service Provider and/or the Company if the Work(s) to which such a warranty and/or guarantee applies is found to have been subject to user misuse and/or abuse, if any warning and/or user instructions were not complied with and/or if any damage is the result of normal “wear and tear”.

8. Payment & Default
8.1. The Customer shall make payment of all monies for the Work(s) directly to the Company in the manner as stipulated on the Tax Invoice issued by the Company to the Customer for the Work(s).
8.2. No discounts and/or deductions and/or retentions will be enforceable unless specifically agreed upon between the Customer and the Company.
8.3. Should the Customer fail to make payment as stipulated in clause 8.1 above then the Company shall give the Customer written notice of such default and should such default not be remedied within 7 (seven) days of such written notice then the Company will be entitled to immediately –
8.3.1. claim specific performance in terms of this Agreement and claim damages from the Customer; or
8.3.2. elect to keep this Agreement in force and claim damages from the Customer; or
8.3.3. cancel this agreement and claim damages from the Customer.

9. Cancellation of Appointments:
Should the Customer wish to cancel any appointment made with a Service Provider by making use of the Services, the Customer shall:
9.1. give the Company 48 hours prior written notice of the said cancellation; and
9.2. be subject to a reasonable cancellation fee; and
9.3. be subject to a higher cancellation fee should the Customer refuse and/or fail to give the require notice as set out in clause 9.1 above.

10. Call Outs:
10.1. In the event of a Customer requiring a Service Provider for a Call Out the Customer shall be liable to pay the Call Out Fee to the Company prior to the Company instructing the Service Provider to attend the Customer’s premises.
10.2. Should the Customer wish to cancel a Call Out the provisions of clause 9 above shall apply mutatis mutandis (with the necessary changes).

11. Return of Goods:
Subject to the CPA, where applicable, the Company will not be obliged to accept the return of any goods from the Customer on behalf of any Service Provider.

12. Miscellaneous:
12.1. This Agreement constitutes the whole agreement between the Company and the Customer and no amendment to this Agreement will be valid and binding on the Parties unless same is reduced to writing and signed by both Parties.
12.2. No relaxation of the terms of this Agreement and no indulgence which one Party may grant to the other, will in any way operate as an estoppel against the former Party or be deemed to be a waiver of the former Party’s rights, or in any other way limit, alter or prejudice those rights.
12.3. Each clause or part of this Agreement is separate and severable from the rest of the Agreement. Should any one clause of this Agreement be unenforceable same will not affect the enforceability and/or validity of the rest of the terms and conditions.
12.4. In the event of a conflict arising between the provisions of this Agreement and any terms and/or conditions supplied to the Customer by any Service Provider the provisions of this Agreement will supersede any other terms and/or conditions.

13. Domicilium Citandi et Executandi (Addresses for service of notices)
13.1. The Parties choose their respective Domicilium Addresses to be the physical address and e-mail address as stipulated on the tax invoice issued by the Company to the Customer for the Work(s).
13.2. Any court process, notice and/or document sent to either Party will be deemed to be received by the other Party –
13.2.1. on the same day as same was hand delivered to the physical Domicilium Address; and/or
13.2.2. on the same day as same was sent to the e-mail Domicilium Address;
13.2.3. 5 (five) business days after same was sent by prepaid registered post to the physical Domicilium Address.
13.3. Should the Customer’s Domicilium Address change at any time whilst utilising the Services and/or whilst the Work(s) are being carried out, the Customer shall notify the Company in writing within 5 (five) business days of the said change in Domicilium Address. Should the Customer fail and/or refuse to properly perform in terms of this clause 13.3 same will be deemed to be a material breach of this Agreement.

14. Jurisdiction
The Parties consent to the jurisdiction of the magistrate’s court having jurisdiction, in respect of any dispute arising out of this Agreement and/or pursuant to the enforcement of this Agreement.

15. Costs
Should one Party institute legal action against the other based on this Agreement the successful Party will be entitled to recover all legal costs incurred, pursuant to and/or incidental to, including all disbursements incurred, such aforesaid legal action from the unsuccessful Party on a scale as between attorney and client.

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