Why Choose Us?

With Fix My Life, getting those tedious yet necessary home maintenance and renovation jobs done, is as easy and convenient as a click of a button:

 Reliable & Trustworthy Service Providers
 Book on Computer, Mobile & Tablet
 Industry Accredited Service Providers
 Easy, Efficient & Hassle-Free Offering
 No Obligation Quotes
 One Click or Call & It's Sorted
 Fully Secure Transaction Handling

Who We Are?

Fix My Life is an online platform which gives home owners and residents the ability to find reliable service providers, schedule appointments for any home services they require and to process payment for these services. Fix My Life offers you a user-friendly facility that connects you via your phone, computer or call centre with accredited, reliable and star-rated service providers (plumbers, electricians, builders etc...) who will solve all your home maintenance & renovation problems at the click of a button! All our service providers are pre-vetted and endorsed, giving you the homeowner peace of mind that the people entering your home are industry-accredited, safe and reliable.

When things go wrong in the home, and they do, sourcing a reliable contractor to fix the problem should not be an additional stress. Fix My Life has created an easy and convenient way of getting various jobs done.

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