Who We Are?

Fix My Life is an online portal which gives home owners and residents the ability to find reliable service providers, schedule appointments for any home service they require and to process the payment for these services. Fix My Life offers you a user-friendly facility that connects you via your phone, computer or call centre with accredited, reliable and star-rated service providers (plumbers, electricians, builders etc...) who will solve all your home and office maintenance problems with the click of a button! All our service providers are pre-vetted and endorsed, a well renowned security company in Johannesburg, giving you the homeowner peace of mind that the people entering your homes are industry-accredited, safe and reliable.

Why We Started?

Fix My Life was created out of necessity. When things go wrong in the home, and they do, sourcing a reliable contractor to fix these problems should not be an additional stress. After going through the frustrating process of trying to source and sift through the multitude of home service providers available through directories and internet searches, and still not being able to determine the reliability or skill set of the service provider selected, we realised there was a gap in the market. Fix My Life has created an easy and convenient way of getting various home maintenance jobs done as well as providing a simple platform to source quotes for those renovation projects you have been putting off.

How We Do It?

All our service providers go through a vetting process whereby we ensure that they have the correct industry recognised accreditations, the relevant documentation to prove their business is legitimate and references from previous clients, which ensures that the quality of the work is up to industry standards as well as providing you with the peace of mind that the people entering your home are safe and trustworthy.

Fix My Life affords you the opportunity to get quotes on a wide range of home maintenance and renovation projects, allowing you to understand the costs before the job gets done. Once you have selected the service you require, and you are satisfied with the estimate amount, you are able to schedule an appointment with a pre-vetted service professional for a date and time during work hours that is convenient for you. We understand that emergencies often occur outside of working hours, so Fix My Life has provided an “emergency” option for your convenience (Emergency rates will apply).

Fix My Life will then track and manage the entire process from start to finish so you can concentrate on the more important things in life. Once you are satisfied with the completed job, we will debit your account and provide you the opportunity to rate the service provider, allowing us to maintain a level of excellence.

While we, at Fix My Life, take every precaution to offer you the most secure, talented, responsible, and sound vetted professionals in the business, we simply cannot take any responsibility for the workmanship offered by any of these providers. Our service is to ensure that you are provided with fully vetted, highly accredited experts with the correct insurance in place to provide the peace of mind you deserve. We also monitor the process from start to finish to ensure that all of our providers are delivering the standard of service that we expect from them. You can rest assured that any service provider who fails to meet these high standards of service are immediately de-listed.

What are the benefits?

With Fix My Life, getting those tedious yet necessary home jobs done is as easy and convenient as a click of a button:

  • Easy, efficient, hassle- free
  • Vetted, reliable, SAFE
  • Dependable network of home service providers
  • Your personal home maintenance manager
  • No stress. No fuss
  • Satisfying service delivery
  • One click or call and its sorted
  • Fully secure transaction handling